Our first visit.

After a cold 500 foot walk up a snow covered road, we arrived at 114 Camp Adventure. It was a breathtaking view from a generously sized deck.   The fog had rolled in over the mountains concealing the entire view. 

The house is in very good condition, and with many charming details. The house in red with green shutters, with white trim. In many ways it feels like Christmas.


The bedroom is lined with wood paneling, and is just large enough to fit a full sized bed with a side table. It has 3 windows allow for cross breeze on a warm summer evening.


The main room has a kitchen and wood burning stove, with built in table and benches that feel very much like a booth. The cabinets and chairs all match. Check out the beginning of the woodburning stove to the right!

The property has a pretty good slope. This is a picture of Sloan being viewed from the deck above.

doug jaeger

I am an American designer based in the Catskills.