Always striving to design a more functional and more beautiful life, we started collaborating in 2006 while holding leadership positions in large organizations. We have a minimalist approach to running our brand studio, assembling custom teams for each project with the goal of doing more with less. 

The Studio


Kristin Sloan

As an artist for one of the world’s most renowned dance companies and founder of a celebrated dance site, Sloan’s lifelong passion for music, technology and design have lead to her unique ability to weave beautiful stories and visuals into dynamic communications for modern brands.

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Doug Jaeger

With a broad education in multimedia design, computer science, and fine arts, as well as over 15 years experience as a creative lead in digital and experiential marketing working with global brands, Doug brings a breadth of insights, a hands-on approach, and a perpetual stream of new ideas.

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With client work that spans brand strategy, brand design, motion design, photography, branded content and interiors, we enjoy working directly with our clients to understand their vision while also staying hands on to bring that vision to life.

Sometimes that means designing a custom font to rebrand a sports media company and sometimes it means serving as Director, DOP and Editor to get just the right look and feel for a commercial in a miracle timeline for a high end food delivery company.

Getting our hands dirty

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A more agile approach to team work means we're less dependent on operating out of the same space every day.

So over the past year we've been designing and building a studio in the Catskills as another base of operations that gives us more space, less interruption and fresher air. With ourselves as clients, we aimed to design a space that was minimal and simple but also easy to maintain while framing the beautiful landscape and views on the property.

Some of the elements that helped us achieve this are concrete floors, black aluminum siding, floating walls, white cedar ceilings, projection and lots of hidden tech. Even though we are not trained architects, we designed the building ourselves, engaged a local engineer to create the building drawings, and worked with a local builder to construct it.

Making space


Some of our most recent client work has been designing immersive brand experiences.

For Quantcast we created the brief for color and furniture at their new 96,000 sf HQ in San Francisco, designed signage, came up with mural concepts and helped specified materials and layout for their engineers' hang out space.

And for Vimeo we created a theater with a ballon canopy that integrated programmed LED lighting inside that sampled pixels from the screen content.


Designing Experiences

The QFS Bar at the Quantcast offices on Folsom Street in San Francisco.

The QFS Bar at the Quantcast offices on Folsom Street in San Francisco.

Vimeo booth at NAB 2017

Vimeo booth at NAB 2017