New Work: Bloomberg Sustainability Report

The Bloomberg Sustainability report video was created in collaboration with TwoTwelve. The piece was designed to be accompanied with sound, but had to work on screens that did not have synced audio. The piece is featured prominently at the top of the Bloomberg BSustainable site.

May 2011 marked the first year that Bloomberg LP publicly released a full sustainability report using Global Reporting Index (GRI) guidelines. Not only are they providing transparency about the results and business impact of their internal sustainability initiatives, they are also creating new products that utilize environmental, social and governance (ESG) data, and have increased sustainability reporting through their numerous media outlets. In collaboration with Two Twelve, our team worked closely with the sustainability group at Bloomberg LP to create a motion piece to help introduce Bloomberg's comprehensive approach to sustainability.Challenged to create an informative yet active piece that covers the major points of Bloomberg LP's sustainability efforts in under a minute and a half, we utilized animated typography, simple icons, and a custom score by emerging classical composer Aaron Severini.

doug jaeger

I am an American designer based in the Catskills.