NEW WORK : Squarespace Customer Stories

Justin Gignac is an artist and entrepreneur who founded NYC Garbage, Wants For Sale, Needs for Sale, and QRapping Paper. Challenged by the notion that packaging doesn't matter, Justin started a project called NYC garbage, which sells clear plastic cubes with garbage collected from New York City and other locations. He uses Squarespace Commerce to present his wares and sell them to customers around the world.

Paul Pope is an American cartoonist living and working in New York City. Pope has made a name for himself internationally as an artist and designer. He has been working primarily in comics since the early '90s, but has also done a number of projects with fashion labels such as Diesel Industries and DKNY. Paul uses Squarespace Portfolio to sync his online portfolio with his mobile devices - this way, he can share his work with others on the go without relying on an internet connection.

Claire Mazur is the Co-Founder of Of A Kind, an online store that offers limited-edition fashion from a curated roster of emerging and established designers. With a hectic schedule and heavy workload, Claire is always fighting the world to do more and forget less. She uses Squarespace Note to help remind herself of the ideas she's had, the designers she wants to work with, and what to do next.

doug jaeger

I am an American designer based in the Catskills.