Foursquare 8.0 Launch Spot

Under a tight deadline of a week, Foursquare asked us to develop, execute and deliver a video introduction to the all new Foursquare app.

By focusing on various "tastes" that a user can select in the new Foursquare app as a means for personalizing their local search results, our aim was to help viewers begin to see that the focus of the new app is about helping you find places you'll love, not about checking in and publishing your location.

Our studio used a mix of pre-existing footage, a one day shoot with the hands of Foursquare employees and a custom RGB light setup, and some quick graphics work to convey the energy and possibilities of the new Foursquare app.

Since the piece relied so heavily on preexisting media, the team from ShutterStock dropped by and interviewed us to better understand the process.

This work extends the integrated branding working for the new Foursquare, led by Red Antler, in collaboration with the in-house design team at Foursquare. 

Foursquare has since launched an outdoor campaign in New York and Chicago, created by Judd Branding, which leverages the taste bubbles from the product.

doug jaeger

I am an American designer based in the Catskills.