Spotted: Our photography for Makespace in the NYC Subway


In order to provide additional cost savings to our clients, the initial usage of our work factors into our pricing for the project, whether we're creating still or motion assets. So if you need assets for your website, but won't be investing in pre-roll, print ads, outdoor, or any other kind of paid media just yet, our pricing will reflect that. But if the work is effective, and you have more to invest in spreading the message, there is often a licensing fee based on the new usage, so essentially, you are only paying for what you need, when you need it.

This concept is not new in the photography world, but it is less common when it comes to motion work. Overall we've found this to be a good way to make high quality work more possible, even if the initial budget is not at a scale that matches the potential future usage.

Recently we did creative development, casting, and a still shoot for the New York-based startup Makespace. Originally the assets were just for their website, but they recently requested additional usage, and have now begun experimenting with ads in the Subway. It's always great to see more use of the work we create!

Filming at Small's Jazz Club


Back in my previous life as a ballet dancer, I used to love going to jazz clubs when I had a night off or was rehabbing from various injuries, and Small's was one of the best. So when we were looking for a location to film a prominent jazz musician for a project, you can imagine how excited I was when he suggested Small's.

Enjoying some music and PBRs after our scout.

Enjoying some music and PBRs after our scout.

It's not the type of venue that's designed to support heavy power usage though, so of course we used our favorite Kino Flo's for some dramatic lighting without blowing any circuits.

Minnow, Small's resident maine coon cat, and the slate.

Minnow, Small's resident maine coon cat, and the slate.

Filming in Houston - Pipelines and Rockets

We just wrapped up a shoot in Houston, Texas where we explored innovations in pipeline safety. In light of recent events in NYC, it's been really interesting to learn more about the challenges ahead and what is being done to keep people safe, particularly in densely populated cities with aging infrastructure.


While we were down there we managed to make a quick stop at the NASA headquarters where the windowless mission control for the Apollo moon landing lives, and where they current house a Saturn V rocket which helped launch one of the Apollo missions into space.