30 Second Spot, Brand Spot.


Plated is a meal-kit delivery service that is differentiated by the quality, variety and overall experience offered as compared with competitors in the space. As the category matures and there is increased awareness of this type of service, there is a need to develop a more emotional connection with current and potential customers that goes beyond simply understanding the product offering.

Starting in January 2016 Plated is planning to invest in tv advertising, in addition to online and streaming channels, to connect with more consumers. With significant research and information related to the target audience, an updated branding approach and a new round of funding, there is a good foundation for creating a piece of communication that can resonate with and grow Plated’s customers.


To quickly and efficiently get everyone on the same page and working towards the same goal, we are proposing starting with a Brand Sprint focused on defining a creative approach for this media within the given time and resource constraints.

Our process will be to understand and absorb as much as we can—in a relatively short period of time— about Plated’s vision, values, people, story, culture, customers and competitive environment before we get in the room with the Plated team. Then, over the course of two days we will work collaboratively with the Plated team to determine a direction for the spot.

Our team will then develop this further into a production plan, schedule and budget which will take the form of a second agreement. This next agreement will include everything from pre-production through to final delivery of the spot.


Proposal 11.19.2015
Project Start 11.30.2015
Brand Sprint 12.03.2015
Shoot 12.16-17.2015
Delivery 01.08.2015

15 second CTA version

Animatic –  December 12-13-2015

Client: Plated.com
Marketing Director: Nick Karrat
Creative Director: Paulina Reyes
Copywriter: Kate Addicott
VP of Culinary: Elana Karp

Studio: JaegerSloan Studio
Director: JaegerSloan
DP: Kristin Sloan, Doug Jaeger
AC: Blake Horn
Producer: Jevonne Bowman
Studio Assistant: Katie Rominger
Food Stylist: Susan Spungen
Food Stylist Assistant: Laura Kinsey Dolph
Prop Stylist: Maeve Aisling Sterling
Stylist Assistants: Elyse Remenowsky, Bethany Bandera
Art PA: Dara Israel
H&MU: Emma Berley
PA: Dylan Charles
Editor: Kristin Sloan
Editor: Josh Cook
Motion Design: David Nelson
Color Grading: Light Iron
Compositing/Rotoscoping: Boundry FX
Music: Jingle Punks
Sound Mix: Silver Sound