Change it, but not too much!

                           original logo

                           original logo

Weapons Specialists Ltd, a family-run SoHo-based weapons rental, fabrication and training company focused on the entertainment industry approached us with a need to rebrand themselves as a full service prop house with areas of specialization.  They engaged us to update the name and brand the business without losing the feeling and inspiration behind their original logo mark.

We identified the key elements of the mark, and carried them forward into a simple and extendable system.

Read about them in the NYTIMES.


Rick Washburn(left) was a stuntman in the 1960's and 70's when he saw an opportunity to improve the safety on movie sets by bringing more formalized training for guns and weapons to the industry. After years of building a successful and well-known business, Rick's enterprising son Ryder is now expanding the range of services offered. 


This family-run business has been on movie and television sets since 1981, and t-shirts have been their primary marketing vehicle, proudly worn by their crews on every job. We helped them redesign the main shirt with their master brand, and followed-up with shirts for each division. The bold, black and white high contrast logo is visible day or night, and at significant distances.


We supported The Specialists Ltd's web team, and provided tools to build a new website that would offer a cohesive presentation of services, and allow for customer sign-ups to speed transactions. JaegerSloan Studio created imagery, and supported marketing staff in defining new types of content and messaging to support the now broader effort.


A looping video was created to communicate the new range of services offered to the specialists Ltd customers.  The video presentation was designed to loop at the average wait time for customers, the above animation was a bumper used between content sections.


We delivered a wide range of logo elements for use in office interior signage, way-finding, as well as caffeine delivery systems, mouse pads, etc. It seemed as though once the logo files were delivered we began to see the mark on everything.