86 Walker Street, Floor 2

Since February 2013

Our current studio at 86 Walker Street in TriBeCa is our home base. The 1,500 square foot floor-thru loft has 3 production and design stations in the front, a closed off editing and motion graphics space in the back with 3 stations, and additional flex workspace throughout.

Our space is equipped with

  • 12' projection screen with 5.1 surround sound

  • 16' x 10' conference area with a 60" LED TV with camera

  • shooting area for still and video

  • full open kitchen, electric range, convection oven.

  • 11' x 11' magnetic whiteboard wall

  • 9' chesterfield sofa

  • MakerBot replicator 2 – 3d Printer

  • 31" vinyl cutter

  • HP 11x17 Duplex Color Printer with AirPrint

  • and plenty of room to work and play

The space can morph from an executive team off-site, to a photo or video shoot, to a group google hangout, to post production on a commercial, to catered events, to film screenings, or just Homeland on Sunday nights.

Also, Paul Frances lives here.


January 2015 at the studio.

86 Walker Street – Live



FEB 2011 → FEB 2013
Tiger Studio
55 Clinton Street – Lower East Side, Manhattan



We opened our second official studio in a storefront at 55 Clinton Street, which gave us the unique opportunity to meet and collaborate with other storefront businesses.  It served as our creative studio from Feb 2011 - March 2013.

From the store we launched JnrlStr, a playful way for us to communicate our design values through a retail experience. On December 15, 2013 we closed the physical store to focus on a new way of connecting JnrlStr's curation to a broader audience.



AUG 2010 → JAN 2011
Gator Studio
10 Jay Street – DUMBO



JaegerSloan occupied space at 10 Jay street in DUMBO, Brooklyn before moving to the Lower East Side in February 2011.