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Homemade Bubble Magic : Materials and Supplies

A quick recipe and ingredients for homemade bubble fun without all the colored plastic.

Homemade Bubble Magic : Materials and Supplies

Basic Bubble Mix
(makes 8 cups)

There's nothing quite like the magic of bubbles floating through the sky, and the constant desire to make bigger and better ones each time.

After buying multiple assortments of cheap plastic bubble contraptions (many of which broke after 10 minutes of play) as well as an endless parade of plastic bubble solution containers of various sizes (which always end up half-spilled somewhere) we figured there had to be another way.

A little internet searching turned up a handful of recipes for homemade bubble solutions–some more complicated than others. While you may get slightly larger and hardier bubbles with recipes that include gelatin, glycerin, or personal lubricant, we opted for a simpler mix that won't leave behind as much of a mess.

Above is the recipe we landed on, which works well and has easy-to-source (and multi-use) ingredients.

It makes 8 cups, so we store the extra mix in these 22 oz. mason jars and all-black lids. Or reuse those empty plastic bubble containers you probably have laying around!

Bamboo Bubble Maker

In addition to the bubble solution, there's also the issue of the plastic bubble-making contraptions...

We happened to have some bamboo stakes and cotton twine hanging out around our garden, and assembled them into a little contraption like we've seen at the science museum.

We just tied the twin to the tops of the bamboo stakes, with one side of the loop having 2-3x more slack than the other side.

You then dip the tops of the stakes and twine in a bowl or plate with the bubble solution in it and carefully wave the loop through the air.

It takes a little practice, but it can make some pretty amazing bubble creations :)

Dish Soap

Simple Dish Soap by Seventh Generation

$17 at Amazon

There are loads of dish soap options out there, some with terrible chemicals, some with great smells, some that clean great, and some that don't.

When we're spending a little more (eg. for our rental properties), we like to subscribe to 34 oz. bagged refills from Common Good which get an "A" rating on the EWG site (for about $.53/oz).

But for a project like this, when we just need something clean and simple and fast and less expensive, this Seventh Generation dish soap with no scent works just great. Price is for a 6-pack (about $.16/oz).

Corn Syrup

Light Corn Syrup by Golden Barrel

$9.3 at Amazon

While we try to avoid a lot of sugary products and ingredients derived from corn, sometimes it's just the thing you need to make a recipe work.

Like, when you're making a solution for giant backyard bubbles :)

Bamboo Poles

Bamboo Stakes by Hydrofarm

$14 at Amazon

Whether you're supporting vegetables in the garden or making your own bubble maker, these bamboo stakes come in handy often (especially when paired with some twine).

They come in multiple lengths but note that sometimes the post office will hold the larger ones for pickup.

Price is for a pack of 25 x 2' stakes.

Cotton String

Black Cotton Twine by Kinglake

$8.99 at Amazon

Great for wrapping packages, supporting vegetables, and making epic bubble wands. I'm sure you can come up with even more uses.

This twine is 100% cotton and is also food safe. Comes in many colors. Price is for 656 feet.

Mason Jars

Minimalist Wide Mouth Mason Jars - 22 oz by Kamota

$28.99 at Amazon

Mason Jars have a myriad of uses but they usually evoke a time period and environment different from our own.

We love the simple, minimalist look of these nearly straight-sided mason jars which accept any wide-mouth sized mason jar lid. We like to pair them with these black lids and these wood lids.

These jars also come in a variety of sizes, all with the same overall look and mouth size so you can use all the same lids. Price is for a pack of 12.

Jar Tops

Wide Mouth Mason Jar Lids by Think Chances

$8.99 at Amazon

We love how robust and multi-purpose mason jars are but we don't really love those traditional 2-piece lids.

While they serve a specific purpose they become a bit of a nuisance if you're just trying to prevent liquid from spilling.

These black matte aluminum lids are perfect for capping off any wide-mouth size mason-style jar. We use them for big batches of bubble mix, leftovers, or water to take in the car.

We also prefer these shaped jars, which come in multiple sizes.


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