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Outdoor Pizza Ovens for Getting Your Pizza On

Making good quality pizza at home usually requires an oven that goes above 700 degrees, and these outdoor ovens can make it happen.

Outdoor Pizza Ovens for Getting Your Pizza On

When we moved to the Catskills we decided it was finally the right time for a wood-fired pizza oven and our stomachs and our friends stomachs have been thanking us ever since.

Wood isn't the only way however, so this is a selection of ovens that we think are stylish, fun to use, and can make a great pie (usually with a little practice).

Piccolino Wood Fired Pizza Oven

The Piccolino Wood Fired Oven by ilFornino

$969.99 at Wayfair

Made by the same manufacturer as our home pizza oven, we love the black exterior, adorable look, and efficient size of this model.

Even with its small footprint, it's still able to cook two 10" pizzas at a time and it can be used with or without its rolling powder-coated steel legs.

Runs at about 700 degrees to cook a pizza in about 2 minutes.

Flat Pack Outdoor Oven

The Flat Pack Outdoor Pizza Oven by Stadler Made

$750 at Stadler Made

This oven has an ingenious design made of CORTEN steel sheets that are designed to patina over time.

It ships flat (which is good since it ships from Europe) and you assemble it yourself with some gloves and a flathead screwdriver. It's also multifunctional... cook on a pizza stone, cook on a grill, or cook on top in a dutch oven. Lots of fun options.

Tested up to 750°F we love the simplicity of this design. Also, check out the maker's beautiful Instagram page.

Koda 16 Pizza Oven

The Koda 16 Gas-Powered Pizza Oven by ooni

$499 at ooni

Wood-fired pizza is awesome, but what really makes the pizza taste great is the high heat.

At 950°F this gas-powered oven makes up to 16" pizzas blazing fast in just 60 seconds, while also taking up minimal counter space. Also, no need to chop and store wood.

This model also comes in a 12" size with the same cooking speed.


The Dome Oven by Gozney

$1499 at Gozney

We've always had a thing for geometric shapes and neutral color pallets. This wood-fired oven has both.

The built-in wood storage, digital thermometer, solid materials, and matte look make it great. What makes it not so great is that there's a waiting list to get one. (it was just released in March 2021).

Made by Gozney who also make beautifully designed ovens for commercial use, I'd say it's pretty much guaranteed to help you make a great looking and tasty pie while also creating a nice focal point in your backyard.

F- Series Mini Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Restaurant Grade Backyard Pizza Oven by ilFornino

$1695 at Amazon

Our pizza-making journey started many years ago and has evolved from a tiny propane grill with a micro pizza stone on Clinton Street in NYC (literally on the sidewalk in front of our storefront studio) to our home oven with a bigger pizza stone, and finally to this wood-fired workhorse that we use year-round in the Catskills.

We found this oven after weeks of research trying to find something that wasn't too big, that had all of the key components (insulation being key) and that could also be moved since we're always changing up how and where we cook at our live/work studio in the woods.

The makers of this oven originally manufactured restaurant equipment, and then realized that they had some good ideas for taking that expertise and turning it into pizza ovens instead.

You can order your oven online and have it shipped via Amazon, or you can call Il Fornino directly, pick it up from their showroom in New Jersey, and try to stuff it into your car in as many small pieces as possible (like we did). We've had it now for over 3 years and we still use it multiple times a week without any issue. Have any specific questions? Hit Doug up on IG or check out some of his creations in his highlights :)

Outdoor Oven

Corten Multifunctional Pizza Oven by Weltevree × Vanhoffontwerpen

$1582 at A+R

We love the simplicity of this boxy design made out of Corten steel, designed to comfortably live outdoors.

The form factor creates a nice fireplace-like ambiance while also providing a hot, flat surface on top for additional cooking in a dutch oven, for instance.

Made by Weltevree, the same Dutch company that makes those fun-looking wood-burning hot tubs.

Built-in Oven

Fully Customizable Built-in Pizza Oven by Fiero Casa

$5500 at Fiero Casa

Made by Fiero Casa (the company that makes the oven that Roberta's pizzas are cooked in) this oven is fully waterproof and ready for you to build into your custom outdoor kitchen. They also suggest building the oven into an exterior wall and having it open right into your indoor kitchen.

With its basic boxy shape, we could see installing this into a wall lined in coreten steel with a box built in below for storing your firewood (although you can also get it as a propane or natural gas oven).

It comes in two sizes (duo or quattro) for cooking 2-4 12" pizzas at once this is an awesome way of getting a professional grade oven with a totally custom and built-in look. The supplier also offers free pickup in Brewster, NY.


Built-In Outdoor Pizza Oven by Tuscan Chef

$2499 at BBQGuys

We tend to like things that are minimal and understated while also performing well.

In the case of the GX-CM, this large-capacity wood-fired pizza oven can be fully built-in or simply placed on a fire-resistant counter exposing the black metal finish.

It can fit two 18-inch pizzas at once, or one 20-pound turkey and has two separate chambers for fire and food allowing you to add wood while the food is still cooking.


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