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Portable Lights to Brighten the Mood

Lighting is a seemingly intangible element that can make experiences even more magical. These are some of our favorite portable and rechargable lights for doing just that.

Portable Lights to Brighten the Mood

There's nothing quite like lighting to change the mood, whether it's an outdoor get together, a camping tent, or just a cozy nook indoors.

Mood enhancements aside, portable lights can also come in quite handy for power outages... instead of fumbling to light up some candles that might burn your house down, relax instead with these beautiful and fun illuminators.

Favorite Light

Rechargeable Table Light by Marset

$245 at 2Modern

In photos online it can be hard to figure out the scale of this light. It is quite small, but it's also a powerhouse and incredibly adorable.

The top of this rechargeable light can be tilted, which makes it great for providing directional light for book reading, or even for taking a dramatic photo.

Rechargable Lantern

Rechargeable Lantern light by Juniper Designs

$285 at A+R

Plug it in and keep it by your bedside, then unplug it at the lantern base to carry a soft glowing spot light around with you.

Its warm glow is dimmable, the head can be rotated, and the light and can stay on for 5-60 hours on a single charge.

We use it to light up a cozy nook for reading a book with our son, to light an outdoor dinner or buffet table (in dry weather) and most importantly, as a bright, pleasant and portable way of providing light during a power outage.

Besides the utility, we love the minimalist look that was originally inspired by a miner lamp, as well as the heavy duty feel, diffused light quality and matte finish. Created by Brooklyn-based Juniper Designs.

Italy Light

Portable Metal and Wood Table Lamp by Marset

$568 at Lumens

We first experienced this gorgeous lamp at an al fresco dinner at Masseria Moroseta in Puglia, Italy.

While the dinner itself was tasty and memorable for other reasons, these lamps definitely played a big part in creating a magical ambiance and the perfect amount of light for admiring Chef Giorgia Eugenia Goggi's beautiful meal.

Make sure not to leave it outside in the elements though, as this is a very precious lamp made from pressed wood and metal.

RGB Light

Floating Dimmable RGB Globe Light by Loftek

$34.99 at Amazon

This light is just so much fun. We originally got it for Silas for the inside of a camping tent he got for his birthday and it was a big hit. We got the 8", but there are a bunch of different sizes, all the way up to 20".

We hung it from the center of the a-frame and the pulsing colored lights made for the perfect little outdoor/indoor dance party. Add to that a fancy little remote for changing the color and light levels, a carabineer on the back for hanging, an easy recharge port, and the fact that it floats and you've definitely got a winner.

We've been known to bring it with us for picnics or outdoor dinners that sneak past sunset time.

Menu Light

Portable Globe Light by Menu

$179.95 at 2Modern

We love this moody, glowy, portable lamp for all of its various applications, its high-quality materials, and overall classy style.

With its rotating handle, it can sit sturdily on a surface, be hung on a wall hook and look like a fancy sconce, or could even be hung from above.

Just plug it in to recharge between uses and it will always be ready to go for your next garden party or outdoor shower :)

Portable USB Light

Portable light and USB charger by OnlyLux

$39.99 at Amazon

Besides just being totally adorable, this little metal-encased LED light is super handy for life in the mountains, or the city.

The convenient handle makes it easy to tote along on hikes or just to go enjoy the fire pit. A USB plug provides charging capability for a phone or anything else USB-powered (particularly helpful for power outages or camping trips). It also features a solar panel on the back as a nice backup if you're away from the grid for a while.

Fatboy light

Outdoor Globe Light by Fatboy

$129 at 2Modern

While there are a bunch of low-cost variations out there on an outdoor globe light, this is a fun designer version :)

Attached to a silicone sling, the bonus here is that you can hang it from anywhere... like tree branches, or umbrella supports, or pergola beams.

While the light itself doesn't change color, the silicone sling comes in a bunch of fun colors.

Moon Light

Moon Light by Acer

$19.99 at Amazon

Silas received this 3d-printed RGB moon light as a gift and it gets used every single night.

The size and brightness make it just perfect for a warm glowing nightlight in his room and is also just bright enough for me to still be able to read him a book by.

You can turn it on and off and change the color just by tapping it, and this version also comes with a fancy little remote. We keep it plugged in by his bed :)


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