hard. fast. good.

JaegerSloan Studio is a brand studio with roots in culture, innovation and business.

We help leadership teams use modern approaches to define and realize an organization's vision through communication strategy, design and storytelling.

Our projects range from full branding assignments, to media creation and branded environments spanning digital and physical worlds.


Brand Sprints


Businesses today need the ability to respond and adapt faster than ever, but conventional strategic and creative processes still take many months, with limited engagement from leadership. 

A Brand Sprint is part discovery, part interactive brainstorm, part charrette, part executive off-site and part design exploration in a quest to generate new ideas, thought patterns, approaches and solutions to challenges or opportunities in record time with actionable results.



Brands we've helped

We collaborate with future-conscious brands who disrupt industries, strive for quality, desire to simplify, celebrate their people and are honest about their strengths
and weaknesses.



Our team


We build custom teams to meet the needs of every assignment, allowing us to work with domain experts to quickly and elegantly create the highest quality end product.

Since 2010 we've managed over 150 collaborators who have shared their unique talent and expertise on our projects.

Every engagement is lead and managed by the partners, so we choose our projects and our collaborators carefully.



The partners


Doug Jaeger and Kristin Sloan met in 2004 and have been collaborating ever since. They started JaegerSloan Studio after many years of being part of large internationally recognized organizations, and as a result, built their company with the intention of doing more with less.



Doug Jaeger

Innovation, Design, Big Picture

With a broad education in multimedia design, computer science, and fine arts, as well as over 15 years experience as a creative lead in digital and experiential marketing working with global brands, Doug brings a breadth of insights, a hands-on approach, and a perpetual stream of new ideas.


Kristin Sloan

Strategy, Content, Details

As an artist for one of the world’s most renowned dance companies and founder of a celebrated dance site, Sloan’s lifelong passion for music, technology and design have lead to her unique ability to weave beautiful stories and visuals into dynamic communications for modern brands.